Rainbow Lounge Raid Follow Up

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3cents commented “All people, even those you don’t agree with, deserve equal protection under the law”
A follow up story on the raid of a gay bar in Fort Worth. Yes, policies were violated. Important policies like….. they didn’t wear the right uniforms.
Whew! Glad we got that investigation cleared up. It would have all been ok if they had worn the right uniforms. Because giving someone a concussion with internal bleeding in their brain is ok.

3cents wrote:
Unacceptable behavior from public servants. All people, even those you don’t agree with, deserve equal protection under the law. The fact that there were other raids on straight bars that night does not diminish n any way the official oppression occurring here. If they are allowed to do this to one marginalized group of society, then they can do it to others. Then next it will be anyone arbitrarily chosen by a peace officer.

The G&L community needs to protest this action, but so do straight people. You cannot disenfranchise one group without disenfranchising all. Read the 14th amendment at the end of Section 1. Law enforcement must submit to civilian authorities and the courts in particular or they will become out of control. They should never be used as a tool for political action. And this particular situation reeks of law enforcement out of control.

8/6/2009 8:09:51 PM

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