Kill Yourself for Earth Day

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If people feel they are such a burden, why not kill themselves?
Is there a more effective way to say you care about the planet? Erase your “carbon footprint” altogether.
-Henry Makow, Toronto, Canada
I often hear people in the US say that they should move to Canada. After all, Canadians are known for
being more educated, more liberal. They don’t tend to start wars for no reason, they strive to take care
of their citizens and their land, they have legalized same-sex marriage. But before you move, check out the neighborhood.
Because Henry Makow of Toronto has a different agenda. His website, SaveTheMales (not whales, you did not misread) is a doozy.
An admitted conspiracy theorist, I’m fairly certain there isn’t anyone he likes.
This is from a Facebook group, with a whopping following of 28 members. I just didn’t have it in me to copy
quotes from his website on “It’s Ok to Say That’s So Gay”, where he makes the connection that heterosexuals are becoming like homosexuals
because our divorce rate is up (hello Henry, in most of the US, gays cannot get divorced. BECAUSE THEY CAN”T GET MARRIED), and the
increase in promiscuity is due to gay people too. Hello Henry – promiscuity among straight people has zero to do with gay people. It has
to do with straight people.
Hate comes from fear and a need for control. Henry must have super-sized.
“Prejudices are what fools use for reason.”
Kill Yourself for Earth Day

by Henry Makow Ph.D.At 8 p.m. on March 29, millions of people around the world obeyed Big Brother and shut off their lights for an hour to “conserve energy and fight climate change.”Organized by the elite World Wildlife Fund, “Earth Hour” was a psy-op designed to remind us we are a burden on the ecosystem. The event was organized by an elite who represent one percent of the world’s population yet own over 40% of the resources.

From the elite perspective, we’re superfluous- the real message of ‘Earth Hour.”

Have they ever done anything to celebrate human life?

If we are energy challenged, it is because the Illuminati banking cartel has been suppressing non-polluting free-energy technology for almost a century. At the same time, this cartel has been fomenting wasteful and tragic wars. Why not end war for the sake of the Earth? How about Al Gore’s record on the use of weaponized depleted uranium?

Millions of people in 26 countries participated on March 29. Whole city skylines went dark. What better symbol of the New World Order! Corporations dutifully obeyed their major shareholders. Even Google darkened its banner.

“It’s a way for people to stand up in a positive way, not just feel guilty about it,” explains Josh Laughren of World Wildlife Fund-Canada.

“But if this begins and ends with Earth Hour and we go back to ordinary life…it will not have been a success. There are ways we can all reduce our carbon footprint to ensure every hour in future is Earth Hour.”


If people feel they are such a burden, why not kill themselves? Is there a more effective way to say you care about the planet? Erase your “carbon footprint” altogether.

We will need some time to get our affairs in order, and say our goodbyes, but perhaps next Spring, the World Wildlife Fund could sponsor a “Kill-Yourself-for-the-Earth Day.” Families, companies, cities and countries could offer sacrifices to the Environmental God. With proper promotion, millions might volunteer.

Why dither with symbolic gestures when we can make a real difference?

As former US vice-president Al Gore said last year in accepting the Nobel Peace Prize: “We are what is wrong and we must make it right!”

No, Al Gore. You and your Illuminati henchmen are the problem. Please consider my modest proposal.

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3 Responses to “Kill Yourself for Earth Day”

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The world is full of sad people with BPD & they may even come from Canada and even hold PH. D. as it seems. One thing I have learnt over time you only empower the ignorant when you seek to highlight their ignorance. Do I really care what Henry thinks well not recently and less likely too do so after I close this tab.

Yero, I hear you. I really debated giving this man attention. Sadly, he has quite a following. Part of my point IS that he has a Ph.D. So many people think that a degree automtically means the person is rational and knows the truth. I certainly hope I don’t inspire someone to follow this man. And I’m so grateful that you don’t care what he thinks. Go you! Thanks for stopping by!

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