This Liberal Wants Prayer in School

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Conservatives are outraged because the President is planning a speech to school children telling them to work hard in school, be responsible and asking parents to be responsible. Oh no! We can’t have politics in our schools. What kind of socialist agenda will Obama expose them to? Because, as we have now learned from conservatives, working hard in school and being responsible is socialist.

When I was growing up, I remember President Kennedy saying

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

As an eight year old, who kept a Camelot scrapbook, I was idealistic and already had a sense of pulling my own weight, I knew right from wrong and I knew what fairness and justice were.

Fast forward to today.

Isn’t working hard and being responsible the conservative pitch? If you are a conservative, please, explain your gripe with this. You want kids to be lazy and irresponsible?

We all know this isn’t why they are objecting. They don’t like Obama. They have taken their ball and gone home. Except they didn’t shut up. They will not like a single thing that Obama says, even if it is what they completely agree with.

These are the same people whose ministers are OPENLY admitting that they are praying for Obama to die. Did anyone pray for Bush to die? You might say yes but everyone I know didn’t. Because we all knew Cheney was worse. (The key to staying President is to select a VP that no one would want.)

These are the same people that want prayer in school, God in science class, and are terrified that teaching children that gay people exist, that their children will become gay.

These are the same people, who after Sept. 11, demanded that children say the pledge of allegiance every morning in class. And when they didn’t, they were marginalized and called traitors. These are the same people that supported the Patriot Act and holding suspected terrorists for years without any charges.

These are the same people who were mad when allegations of abuse at Guantonomo became public because it undermined our nation’s security. These are the same people who state that waterboarding isn’t torture, yet refuse to be waterboarded to prove it.

These are the same people who teach abstinence, which only leads to higher pregnancy rates, teach that people they don’t like are going to hell. These are the same people who think that only Christianity is the true religion, that Obama’s healthcare plan will lead to death panels and all was right under George W. Bush.

Well, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t force your religion into schools and government, then complain when the President of the United States wants to tell children to work hard and be responsible.

So why do I think prayer belongs in school?  I don’t. But prayer seems to be the last resort, since neither logic nor civil discourse works with people who refuse to unclench their fists.


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