50 Million Americans Without Education

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I’ll just admit right now. I don’t know what Obama’s healthcare plan would cost, nor do I know why Republicans are so opposed to it. So if you have a calculator and real facts, instead of death panel urban legends, help me out.Healthcare. Why didn’t our founding fathers provide for free healthcare? Well, what was there to provide in 1776? Why wasn’t it part of FDR’s New Deal? Did health insurance even exist then? Certainly medicine had advanced from the time of the American Revolution but we didn’t have antibiotics. We barely had the FDA.

It seems to me that 50 million people without healthcare is national failure. Death panels? They are called insurance companies. They have to make money too. Hospitals and doctors? Need to learn to implement practices to stop making mistakes. Need to start using more physicians assistants, nurse practitioners and other health care specialists. Did you know that the percent of time that a doctor gets the right diagnosis and right treatment on the first visit is around 25%? How many times have you had to keep going back to the doctor? Think about it. Clearly, there is research and work to be done to improve this. It isn’t the fault of well intentioned doctors. It’s a combination of the current healthcare system and the state of science and medicine.

Here is what I do know.

What if this were education? Would we really tolerate not educating 50 million people?  Our founding fathers, in one of their looking into the future moments, realized that if all citizens were educated, then society is better off. No, it’s not “free” as I was recently told by a right-winger. Taxpayers pay for it. And as a taxpayer, I can tell you I certainly prefer to live in a society where people are educated. Could public education use some help? Why yes it could. In fact, it could use some help just uncovering their ears and listening to our President tell children and parents to work hard in school, work toward goals and be responsible.

Gasp. Such socialist rhetoric. Cover the ears of our children and haul out the death panel bedtime stories just so you can sleep at night.

Would we accept a world where parents had to pay for their children’s education? And those that could not afford it would not go to school? Don’t the same arguments apply? After all, if only the children of parents wealthy enough get to go to school, the odds are good that test scores will go up. If we send those who cannot afford it, gasp the “quality of education” might go down.

Sounds ridiculous, biased and offensive, doesn’t it?

Republicans and Teabaggers are against a public option.

Don’t like public options? Better start to make a list because it is long. Say good bye to:

Free roads. Yep, my Illinois iPass is gonna be real handy now. If I decide to drive on all of those toll roads.

Set up private police and fire departments. It should be covered by your insurance right? Can’t afford insurance? Too bad for you. Why weren’t you born richer? Underprivileged? Not in America, where any big corporation CEO can earn millions a year running a company into the ground.

Bye bye National Parks, State Parks, County Parks, City Parks. Sure, some have a nominal fee. But it doesn’t cover the cost.

Wait, don’t go. I haven’t gotten to the biggies. Social Security for seniors and disabled, Medicare and Medicaid, public colleges that are largely subsidized by taxpayer dollars. Remember when Bush wanted to privatize Social Security, when stocks were booming? I think if he had gotten his way, the economy would be even worse off than it is now. I lost half of my 401k. You really want me to believe that the private sector is well run? Hey, I’m not saying the government will be written up in Harvard Business Review right next to Jack Welch. I’m just saying, not that many companies are stellar. Certainly I don’t feel a lot of sympathy for bankers and brokers on Wall Street.

Let’s not have taxes for anything. You want it? You pay for it, you donate to it. That includes the military too. Want a war? Have a bake sale.

Obama’s HealthCare Speech


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