Proof of human rights violations against hetero married couples:

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I am on a never ending search for a rational argument against same sex marriage and all of the other rights that are denied to LGBT people. I not only have not found one, it’s getting more and more challenging to find any new arguments. So when I do, I feel compelled to share them.

If only because we all need a laugh.

If you have read any of my blogs, you know I like to analyze reader comments on news articles.

dynagen says:

Proof of human rights violations against hetero married couples:
1. the gay couple will never have to agonize over family planning, or the side effects of drugs.
2. the gay couple will never have to agonize over sterilization
3. the gay couple will never have to agonize over abortion
4. the gay couple will never have to have an untimely birth, and when they want one, there would be money in the house.
5. the gay couple, through adoption, has control of choice in: sex selection, race, appearance, motor, psych and mental skills. They are not obligated to choose a disabled child because they do not birth any.
6. the gay couple will be less likely to have to experience debt, as the burden of educating and raising children, while keeping them safe and healthy.
The agony that homosexuals have to deal with regarding their orientation is no more nor no less than the agonies hetero married couples must face in life. Gays want all the joys, none of the sorrow: heteros always will have B

September 5, 3:26 PM

dynagen says:

heteros always will have BOTH. You acll that fair? In fact it is a human rights violation, HAVING NOTHING TO DO W/RELIGION. Oh, and dare I ask if it is fair for the gay married woman to have the magic right to look her same lovely self after getting a child in comparison to the trainwreck heteros wives look like after going through the PAINS of birth, which the oh so privileged and newly endowed gay married woman does not have to endure. Nor the fact that she might have to have her belly opened, uterus exposed, for a child to come out, and pay $12G for that RIGHT? Wow, what a privilege! Which hetero married woman WOULDN’T give her right ovary to have a painless birth, look like a princess immediately afterward, cost nothing, and can even take part in CHOOSING a perfectly cute, nondisabled, right sexed, perfectly TIMED baaaaaby? Only the elite of the elite! The gay married class, who simply must regard that stupid breeder class of getting nothing right!

Wow! Dynagen has had some kind of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder going on here.

I really had no clue gay couples had it so easy when it comes to having children. Here I thought they had to  first find a clinic willing to provide artificial insemination to lesbian couples, it’s even more challenging for men. Using a surrogate mom can run up to $100,000. You have to really want a child to spend that kind of money.

Any pregnant woman, straight or gay,  may have to agonize over an abortion if there is something medically wrong with the fetus. Gay people will never have a disabled child? Lesbians run the same risk as straight women.

The fact that straight people have unwanted pregnancies is their own fault. I don’t think you can blame that on gay people.  Everyone in this day and age has access to birth control, unless they were raised in a religious fundamentalist bubble that doesn’t teach them about birth control. Agonize over sterilization? Who agonizes over sterilization? It’s a choice. Hmm, do you mean if a woman has to have her ovaries or uterus removed due to a medical condition? The odds are the same for lesbians. You think lesbians don’t get ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, endometriosis?

Gay couples often cannot adopt children as a couple, with both individuals having parental rights. Gay couples often adopt unwanted children.

Less likely to experience debt because they don’t have the burden of educating and raising children? If children are a burden to you, DON’T HAVE THEM. Safe and healthy? Never thought I would be pointing out that alcohol and drug abuse can be a problem in the LGBT community, due to homophobia and lack of acceptance. Yes, let’s get mad at the LGBT people who consciously do their best to take care of their safety and healthy. Because straight people certainly don’t have that choice! We’re forced to be obese, not exercise and have unprotected sex.

Gay people have no more agonies than straight people? What wonderful society do you live in Dynagen where gay people have it so good? Let us know. LGBT people will move into the gayborhood in droves, along with their straight allies. Goodness knows they need a safe haven from bullying, discrimination, losing their jobs, not having rights to protect their partners and children, the ability to live their lives openly, free of the fear that they might be beaten or murdered.

Last, gay women go through the same ups and downs in a pregnancy as straight women. They do not have a higher rate of C sections, nor do they magically get their bodies back the day that babies are born.  If they did, I would have signed up to be a lesbian before I made the choice to become a mother.

Dynagen, if gay people had it this good, don’t you think straight people would be converting as fast as they could?


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