Proof of human rights violations against hetero married couples:

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I am on a never ending search for a rational argument against same sex marriage and all of the other rights that are denied to LGBT people. I not only have not found one, it’s getting more and more challenging to find any new arguments. So when I do, I feel compelled to share them.

If only because we all need a laugh.

If you have read any of my blogs, you know I like to analyze reader comments on news articles.

dynagen says:

Proof of human rights violations against hetero married couples: (more…)

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This Liberal Wants Prayer in School

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Conservatives are outraged because the President is planning a speech to school children telling them to work hard in school, be responsible and asking parents to be responsible. Oh no! We can’t have politics in our schools. What kind of socialist agenda will Obama expose them to? Because, as we have now learned from conservatives, working hard in school and being responsible is socialist.

When I was growing up, I remember President Kennedy saying (more…)

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Teacher burns cross into student’s arm

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District Settles With Student Who Accused Freshwater |

Teacher burns a cross into a students arm. Wins Christian Soldier of the Day Award.

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Algebra proves gays can’t marry

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“The constitution was not created with the power and athority to change basic algebraic laws.” – reader comment, regarding his algebraic proof that same sex marriage is not possible.

You know the phrase? I thought I’ve seen everything? When it comes to arguments against same sex marriage, I really thought I had heard them all. Even the absurd ones. But, truth is stranger than fiction. SammyHammer, responding to an article in the Wisconsin State Journal, makes a mathematical argument against same-sex marriage. Dabble tries to take him on.

Who knows, maybe SammyHammer is just playing mind games with people. Let’s hope so. Because otherwise, he’s in serious need of counseling.

I will say…. I laughed really hard at this.

Link to article and readers comments. (more…)

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