Atheists have lowest divorce rate

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Barna report: Variation in divorce rates among Christian faith groups:

Denomination (in order of decreasing divorce rate)

% who have been divorced

Non-denominational ** 34%
Baptists 29%
Mainline Protestants 25%
Mormons 24%
Catholics 21%
Lutherans 21%

** Barna uses the term “non-denominational” to refer to Evangelical Christian congregations that are not affiliated with a specific denomination. The vast majority are fundamentalist in their theological beliefs. More info.

Barna’s results verified findings of earlier polls: that conservative Protestant Christians, on average, have the highest divorce rate, while mainline Christians have a much lower rate. They found some new information as well: that atheists and agnostics have the lowest divorce rate of all.  George Barna commented that the results raise “questions regarding the effectiveness of how churches minister to families.” The data challenge “the idea that churches provide truly practical and life-changing support for marriage.

Donald Hughes, author of The Divorce Reality, said:

“In the churches, people have a superstitious view that Christianity will keep them from divorce, but they are subject to the same problems as everyone else, and they include a lack of relationship skills. …Just being born again is not a rabbit’s foot.”

Hughes claim that 90% of divorces among born-again couples occur after they have been “saved.”


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Teacher burns cross into student’s arm

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District Settles With Student Who Accused Freshwater |

Teacher burns a cross into a students arm. Wins Christian Soldier of the Day Award.

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Hate in Kalamazoo, Michigan

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stop the hate image

“A short time later, a group of 8 to 10 children gathered at Zussman Park, across from Hamtramck City Hall. “Vote No!” the children cried. “No homos! No homos! No homos!”

Today’s Hate Speech award goes to a resident of Kalamazoo, Michigan who wears a Northwest Airlines uniform.

Warning: What you are about to read is not for the faint of heart. This is the face of hate. This is the fear that gays and lesbians live with, especially teens. This is unChristian, unhuman, revolting and reprehensible. (more…)

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Gays control the weather. Wrong superpower, guys.

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“In May, our elected officials overturned a law of nature,
and in its place paid honor to evil and unnatural practices.”
– Mike Heath, pastor and anti-gay activist

Mike Heath blames bad weather and poor potato crops in the state of Maine on homosexuals. Which is quite fascinating, given that he lives in South China.

All I can say is, there must have been a whole lotta gay people during the famous Irish potato blight. I will be contacting the university I attended where I received a degree in Plant Pathology. I must have been lied to when I was taught that potato late blight is caused by the fungus Phytophthora infestans.

For the full story, visit Chattahbox(more…)

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Legal, but immoral – Salt Lake Tribune

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“It may be legal for Mormons to discriminate against gays in their public spaces, but it’s not right, and that makes it a gay-rights issue.”

Jens Hammer

Letter to the Editor of the Salt Lake Tribune. Jens, Thank You. (more…)

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Things people should not have said today

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An article appeared online today in the Desert Sun regarding a convention for Gay Christians. The article had over 359 comments. Only…. you can’t see them. Why? (more…)

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Hate Crimes – A Form of Terrorism

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Hate crimes are a form of terrorism.  They are violent crimes directed at members of a specific community or group.  Their purpose is to torment or persecute based solely on membership (or perceived membership) in that group.

Much like other terrorist acts, a murder or assault based on anti-immigrant, anti-Christian, or anti-gay bias is an attack not just on the victim, but on everyone who identifies with the targeted characteristic of the victim.


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